Last week, we listed 10 great questions for job seekers and candidates to consider before the start of the year. Now it’s time to look at this topic from the other side—the employer side.

Specifically, we’re going to address what organizations should do to improve their hiring in the coming year.

Ideally, an organization should improve their hiring on a year-over-year basis. In essence, its hiring performance should become more effective every single year. If that performance does not improve annually, then the organization is doing itself a disservice and is at a decided disadvantage in the employment marketplace when compared to its competitors.

Below are 10 great questions for employers to ask before the New Year is here:

#1—What is your employer brand? (If you aren’t able to articulate this easily, then how can you expect candidates to understand it?)

#2—Is your organization an “employer of choice” in the marketplace? (In other words, is it an organization for which candidates actively seek to work?)

#3—How is your organization perceived in the employment marketplace, including on the Internet and through social media channels?

#4—Do your employee performance evaluations actually have an effect on employee performance?

#5—How many of your hires during the past year were great hires, how many were average hires, and how many were poor hires?

#6—Why were the poor hires classified as poor hires and what led to the hiring of those employees?

#7—During the past year, how many productive and valuable employees left the organization and what were the reasons that those employees left?

#8—How extensive and comprehensive is your company’s onboarding process for new employees and how much does that process contribute to the organization’s retention rate?

#9—Does your organization have the employees that it needs to reach its stated goals for the coming year?

#10—Is your organization’s hiring process up to the task of identifying and then recruiting the candidates needed to supplement and/or replace your existing workforce for the purpose of reaching or exceeding those goals?

There is a bonus question that we’d like to add to the end of this list, simply because it also pertains to the subject of hiring in the New Year:

#11—How could the services of an experienced recruiting agency operating within the engineering and information technology industries help you better identify and successfully hire the best candidates available in the marketplace?

The Doepker Group is an experienced recruiting agency working within these industries. We’ve helped countless organizations with their personnel and workforce planning needs, and we can help you, as well—in the New Year and beyond.

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