In a previous blog post, we introduced our new “Back to Basics” series of posts for employers, beginning our series with the starting point of your organization’s talent search—the job description.

You know that assessment of the job description is the important first step in hiring the job candidate that you want to hire. This is especially since the job description may have changed over time due to a number of different factors. But now what? What’s the next step?

Before you can build an effective job description, you need to break it down even further. In order to do that, some questions need to be asked.

The majority of these questions are centered upon the core responsibilities of the position. Clearly defined parameters must be identified and established, and the best way to do that is through the use of the following 12 questions:

  1. With whom will this person communicate?
  2. In what capacity will they communicate?
  3. What information will be communicated?
  4. How much authority within the company will this person possess?
  5. Who will this person report to?
  6. Who will report to this person?
  7. How much decision making will this person be expected to do?
  8. What decisions will they be responsible for?
  9. What planning will this person conduct?
  10. What administrative duties, if any, will they perform?
  11. Will this person interact with customers?
  12. If they will interact with customers, in what capacity will they do so?

If you are not able to answer all of these questions in regards to the job description, then it will be more difficult to find and hire the right candidate. In fact, it will also be more difficult to retain them as an employee if you are able to hire them. And as we’ve discussed on numerous occasions before, the only thing worse than not hiring the right candidate is hiring them and seeing them walk shortly after joining the team.

As you can see, assembling an effective job description requires a certain attention to detail. Now that we’ve asked some important questions, we’ll tackle the essential elements of an effective job description in a future blog post.

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