Earlier this year, we presented “5 Steps for Working with a Recruiter Effectively.” Those steps included the following:

  1. Send your resume.
  2. (Always) tell the truth.
  3. Brand yourself in a positive manner.
  4. Don’t omit information.
  5. Communicate.

While those are the central steps involved when it comes to working with a recruiter, there are other things that you should do, as well. Working with a recruiter can help grow your career, and that’s why it’s important that you’re willing to make an investment of time and energy into your relationship with them.

Below are three bonus tips for working with a recruiter:

#1—Don’t withhold information.

Holding information back from a recruiter will not help your job search. You should disclose everything that’s relevant to your search. This includes the real reason you’re looking for a new employment opportunity, what you’ve earned in compensation and benefits, and other companies with which you’re currently interviewing. The recruiter is not your adversary. This is not a “cloak and dagger” situation. Being open with them will only aid you in the long run.

#2—Keep your search confidential.

This means not telling everybody (and their brother) that you’re looking for a new job. Specifically, it means keeping your search confidential when dealing with your co-workers. If you’re strategically trying to find a better employment situation for yourself, the fewer people who know about it, the better. You probably do not want your current employer to know. If your colleagues and co-workers find out, that could prove to be problematic for you, as well. The good news is that recruiters are accustomed to working in a confidential fashion, primarily because they do so for their clients.

#3—Refer other candidates.

No, we’re not kidding about this one. Think about it: you’re not going to be a fit for absolutely every job that a recruiter has. In fact, you might not even be interested in some of the jobs. However, you might know somebody who would be a fit or would be interested. If that’s the case, then refer that person to the recruiter. When you add value beyond your own candidacy, the recruiter will remember that you helped them. Then, when a great opportunity comes across their desk that suits you better, they’ll be more likely to contact you first.

As mentioned above, a recruiter is not your adversary. They should be viewed as your partner in the job search process. They have access to job openings and opportunities that you do not, and they have the connections to present you to employers in the best light possible.

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