Finding quality job candidates is difficult these days. Finding those candidates and hiring them in a timely fashion is even more difficult.

However, what if you could find—and hire—more of the candidates you want as quickly as you want? More importantly, what would it mean to your company’s bottom line?

Below are three keys for hiring better job candidates in less time:

#1—A thorough understanding of the job requirements

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how often a search is launched without these requirements clearly outlined, defined, and understood by everybody involved in the process. This starts with a detailed job description, but not the description that was used to hire the previous person in the position.

The job requirements have almost certainly changed to some extent since then, which means the description should fully reflect those changes. Once again, these changes should be agreed upon and understood by everybody involved.

#2—Selective (and effective) screening of candidates

A thorough understanding of the job requirements and description leads directly to a more effective screening process. That’s because not only will the hiring manager know which skills are most important during the screening, but they’ll also know which traits they would trade for a candidate who has tremendous potential to be a good fit for the position.

These candidates often don’t match the requirements 100%, but they possess other talents and abilities that could make them an ideal fit and a great employee.

#3—Assessing competency (over experience)

What applies to skills also applies to experience. How competent a candidate might be in executing the requirements of the position may not have as much to do with experience as it does with the other things that candidate brings to the table.

Experience is certainly important, but an over-emphasis on experience may exclude a “diamond in the rough” candidate capable of not just filling the position, but also excelling in it.

When too much time is taken during the recruiting and hiring process—for whatever reason—the best candidates can be lost. As a result, not only are lesser candidates eventually hired, but the process takes longer, costing the company even more in terms of time, energy, and productivity.

How well does your organization employ the three keys listed above? Are there systems in place to ensure high levels of success in all three areas? What measurements do you use to track that success?

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