If you’re a talented professional within the field of Information Technology, especially if you work within a specialized niche, then chances are good that your services are currently being sought after.

The degree to which they’re being sought is partly dependent upon the part of the country in which you live. That’s because some geographic locations are more attractive than others.

For example, a company that’s located in a warm climate is generally more attractive than one that’s located in a colder climate. As another example, many candidates view an employer located within a major city to be more attractive than one located in a rural environment.

While preferences do vary from person to person, there are general tendencies and trends that exist when it comes to where candidates prefer to work. However, no matter where an employer is located, if that employer is “starved” for the particular skills you possess, then it would be wise to consider that organization’s opportunity.

Candidates often dismiss opportunities based solely on where the company is located. That can be a short-sighted mistake, one that could have far-reaching implications for your career.

Below are three reasons to consider opportunities in skill-starved locations:

#1—Nearly full employment

What does it mean to have a nearly full employment market? It means that almost nobody with your skills, experience, and expertise is unemployed. That indicates an extremely stable market, which is always preferable. That’s even more so during a recession or a downturn. Companies are less likely to get rid of talent for which they’ve been starving.

#2—Opportunities for compensation increases

When your skills are in demand, it means employers are willing to pay for those skills. Actually, it means they’re willing to pay more for those skills on an ongoing basis. Employers in skill-starved locations know they must keep their talent happy. As a result, they do what is necessary to retain those employees, which includes more in the way of compensation and benefits.

#3—Greater chance for upward mobility

So you have job security. And you have steady increases in compensation. Now you also have more of an opportunity for promotions. If a company lacks candidates with certain skills, then the ones they do have stand a better chance of moving up to the ranks of management.

As you can see, considering opportunities in skill-starved locations can pay off for you and your career. So don’t be hesitant to look at jobs outside of your comfort zone. Look at the “big picture” and make decisions that will contribute positively to your professional growth.

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