The best way to accomplish anything is to be prepared to accomplish it.  “Flying by the seat of your pants” will only get you so far.

And that’s especially the case when we’re talking about your career.

Market conditions are optimal right now for those who are seeking better employment opportunities. Not only do companies have a need to hire, but they also have the desire and the resources to do so.

However, you can’t expect the CEO of one of the top companies in your industry to just call you up and ask if you want a new job with bigger challenges, better pay, and great benefits.  (Although that would be nice, wouldn’t it?)

No, you have to be prepared, and you have to take specific steps to achieve that level of preparation. Below are three ways to position yourself for career growth in 2023 . . . in case that CEO doesn’t call you after all.

#1—Increase your visibility.

You can do this in a number of different ways, starting with social media.  However, be sure that you’re putting your best foot forward professionally on social media sites, starting with LinkedIn.

You can also join professional organizations if you haven’t already done so, attend industry conferences, and even create a website that illustrates your work and the value that you could bring to an employer. Hiring officials have a limited amount of time, so make it easy for them to uncover information about you.

#2—Be privy to insider information by aligning yourself with a recruiter.

There are some job openings that are never promoted publicly outside of the organization attempting to fill them. Instead, the company will fill the position internally OR it will enlist the services of a third-party recruiting firm to help find suitable candidates.

As a result, aligning yourself with an experienced recruiter in your industry will allow you to be privy to these openings and be considered for them, a luxury not afforded to other job seekers.

#3—Be open-minded about opportunities.

Some candidates say no to an opportunity even though they hardly know anything about it. This is a mistake. At least find out about the opportunity before passing on it.

If it’s a recruiter who presents the opportunity, consider it fully before declining and give your reasons for doing so. After all, the recruiter might have another job that would fit you better and that you would like more. You never know where an opportunity will lead.

Be prepared for career growth and advancement. Keep in mind the three points listed above and position yourself for your best year ever!

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