When you hire great talent, there’s a lot to take into consideration for companies and organizations.

However, some things are more important than others, and with that in mind, below are four critical steps for identifying and hiring great job candidates:

#1—Make sure you have a cultural fit.

By a “cultural fit,” we mean that the candidate’s values and the way in which they like to work are a fit for the company. This is another reason why all companies should have a statement of their values available somewhere that job candidates and current employees can see it.

It doesn’t matter the skill level of the candidate or how much talent they have. If they’re not a cultural fit for your company, then the hire can turn out badly.

#2—Make sure you hire high achievers.

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s sometimes difficult to discern between the achievers and the deceivers.

What you’re truly looking for are over-achievers, people who want to excel in every area of their lives, not just at work. These are the kind of people who can make an immediate, positive impact on your company.

#3—Keep the interviewing and hiring process rolling.

This is especially important with top job candidates, who might be receiving multiple offers and have numerous options open to them. Any lag in the process can quickly prove to be detrimental if a candidate is considering more than one option and the other employers involved are moving in an expedient fashion.

#4—If you have a difficult search, let an experienced recruiting firm handle it.

This is particularly true for high-level positions, where a mistake in hiring can have far-reaching ramifications or for positions that require a specific or rare skill set. In addition, the cost of leaving a position open in terms of lost productivity—due to the fact that the proper candidate can’t be found—can be staggering, far more than one might think.

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