Previously in this blog, we presented “4 Quick Tips for Maximizing the Value of Your Resume.”

While maximizing your resume is important, doing so is a continuous process. It’s not like you only do it once, and then that’s it. Your resume is akin to a “living, breathing document.” It should change and expand right along with your career.

You might be asking yourself why you should bother, especially if you believe you already have a good job. You’re a busy professional with a lot to do. What sense does it make to pour over your resume all the time? Frankly, it makes a lot of sense, and here’s why.

Below are four reasons to always keep your resume updated:

#1—To remind yourself of the value that you offer

Everything about employment comes down to value—the value that you offer to your current employer and the value that you could offer to a potential employer. You must always be aware of that value. Knowing what it is will not only make you more marketable and attractive as a candidate, but it will also make you more confident. Being more confident will then make you even more attractive.

#2—To reduce the chances of a mistake

When you’re continually updating your resume, you’re less likely to leave something out. Make it a habit to update your resume with your accomplishments at roughly the same time they happen. When you document updates while the information is fresh in your mind, their impact on your resume will be enhanced (as will be the perception of the value that you offer).

#3—To be ready if you need to make a move

Nobody likes to consider this possibility, but sometimes things happen with your job that are less than pleasant. We’re not just talking about a reduction in workforce or a layoff situation, either. People can become disenchanted with their job for more than one reason, transforming them from a content employee into an active job seeker. With an up-to-date resume, you’ll be ready for action in such a situation.

#4—To be ready if a better opportunity presents itself

This is the situation for which you really want to be ready. You’re content in your current position, but let’s say another opportunity comes along, one that is better than the one you have in just about every way. People find great jobs all the time when they’re not even looking for them. These passive job seekers benefit greatly from having a current resume at the ready. They can send it at a moment’s notice and give themselves an edge over others who may be competing for the same position.

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