In a previous blog post, we presented “3 Simple Steps for Growing Your Career in 2021.” These were starter steps designed to set you on the path to more success in the New Year.

But what can you do beyond these simple steps?

We’re glad you asked that question, because we an answer! There is plenty more that you can do to prepare and position yourself for more professional and career success in 2021. In fact, we have five advanced steps for growing your career:

#1—Assess your value as a professional.

Everything in the employment marketplace boils down to value. As such, it’s a good idea to ascertain how much value you provide to your current employer, including the different ways that you provide that value. If you were your employer, would you hire you? Why would you hire you?

#2—Brainstorm ways that you can increase your value.

What can you do to become a more valuable employee and a more attractive job candidate? Write down as many ways as you can think of and then prioritize them, if possible. The more value that you can provide, the better positioned you are.

#3—Engage in continuous training and education.

Attending conferences and trade shows, in-person or virtual, is one way to engage in continuous training and education. However, you can also take advantage of books (both traditional books and audio books), CDs, DVDs, and any and everything else that will allow you to accumulate knowledge.

#4—Sharpen your soft skill set.

This will also help you to increase the amount of value that you offer. That’s because your value includes more than just your technical skill set. It also includes your soft skills. We’re talking about skills such as negotiation, sales, and leadership. These are also known as “people skills.”

#5—Focus on your personal brand.

Your personal brand is all about the experience that you provide to other people. So what kind of experience do you provide? What do people think after they have an encounter with you? Keep in mind that an experience can be also be an email or a phone call. It applies to more than just a face-to-face interaction.

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