There are many different ways that a professional can brand themselves in a positive fashion. That’s because personal branding is all about the experience that you provide for other people. That experience can consist of what you say, what you look like, and how you act.

Body language plays a role in personal branding. That’s because it’s part of the overall experience that you provide, albeit it in non-verbal ways.

During the hiring process, one of the most important branding opportunities is the face-to-face interview. That’s because it’s the first time that you meeting the hiring manager and other company officials. It’s basically the first chance you have to brand yourself in a comprehensive way. So you want to make sure that you do the best job possible, all the way around.

Below are five body language tips for better personal branding:

#1—Give a firm handshake.

You don’t want to crush the person’s hand, but you don’t want to give a flimsy handshake, either. And this pertains to both men and women. And you definitely don’t want to shake hands when your palms are sweaty. That’s going to send the wrong message, too.

#2—Look the person in the eyes when you shake their hand.

This is as important as a firm handshake. When you look somebody in the eyes, it means that you’re not submissive and you’re not intimidated. Don’t hold their gaze for too long, though, or it will just get weird. As with everything, striking the proper balance is important.

#3—Stand up straight.

Good posture is a good way to brand yourself. It gives you an air of confidence and poise. It also gives you a more commanding presence in the room. This is an interview, after all. You want the hiring manager and other company officials to take notice of you. (Although you should want to grab their attention in a positive way.)

#4—Sit up straight.

What goes for standing up straight goes for sitting up straight. Since most of the interview will probably be conducted sitting down, this is even more important. Slouching in your chair sends all the wrong signals, starting with the fact the hiring manager might think that you’re lethargic and/or lazy. You want them thinking that you’re alert and always ready for action.

#5—Smile as much as you can.

Don’t force yourself to smile, though. People can usually tell when you’re forcing a smile, and in some cases, that’s even worse than not smiling at all. When you smile, other people are more likely to smile. When you act friendly, other people are more likely to act friendly. And the hiring manager is more likely to hiring somebody who seems friendly.

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