Every organization wants to hire great people. In fact, every organization wants to hire the best people.

Many organizations fall woefully short of that goal. One of the main reasons they do? Their interview process. It’s antiquated, it’s stuffy, and it’s largely ineffective.

However, it goes beyond not asking stupid questions. Hiring officials must make a huge shift in their mindset when it comes to conducting interviews. With this in mind, below are five iron-clad interview practices proven to hire great people:

#1—Give up the idea that “you’re in charge.”

An interview is not and should not be a power play. The candidates have not come to the interview to grovel for the position. You are not the only person with a decision to make. Remember, you could decide that a candidate is perfect for the position, so you make them an offer . . . which they turn down. Simply put, the best candidates are not desperate and they are not begging for your open position.

#2—Treat everybody you interview like gold . . . whether you hire them or not.

There are numerous reasons to do this, but here’s the simplest one: even those candidates you don’t hire will rave about their experience interviewing with your company. They’ll tell their friends and colleagues, and then those people will want to work for you, too. Once you “give away your power” during the interview, your organization becomes more powerful than you imagined.

#3—Tell them why you love your job.

Sound unusual? If so, it’s only because hiring officials don’t do it often enough. If you can’t tell a candidate why you love your job, then how do you expect them to love their job once they come to work for your company? You’re there to sell the benefits of your organization just as much as the candidate is there to sell their value as a potential employee.

#4—Have a conversation, NOT an interrogation.

During the typical “interview interrogation,” stupid questions are asked. “What’s your greatest weakness?” “Why should we hire you?” “Where do you see yourself in five years?” No, no, and NO. The best questions (and the best answers) arise from normal conversation based upon genuine engagement. Treat the candidate as an equal, not as a subordinate.

#5—Drop your guard and be a human being.

Yes, you can laugh and joke around with the people you’re interviewing. In fact, you should, if the situation calls for it. Human beings want to work for other human beings, and more importantly, they want to work for human beings—and for organizations—that they like. Be real, be genuine, and be willing to connect with candidates on that level.

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