In a previous blog post, we addressed “5 Steps and 5 Questions for Adding Top Talent to Your Organization.”

With this blog post, we have another five questions. While these questions also deal with adding top talent to your organization, they deal specifically with hiring passive candidates.

Why passive candidates? Because, as you well know, passive candidates are different than active job seekers. One of the reasons they’re different is that they’re more likely to be currently employed and actively engaged at their employer.

In some cases, it goes beyond that. Not only are they engaged, but these type of candidates are also more likely to be superstar employees within their organization, which is exactly why you want them to consider working for YOU.

The problem for many organizations is that they treat passive superstar candidates the same as they treat active job seekers. That leads to a problem, which can be summed up as follows:

Passive superstar candidates who are treated like active job seekers by a company do NOT want to work for that company.

And that’s even if they find out about your organization’s open position. After all, they’re not cruising the job boards looking for a new position. They’re too busy with their current job to do that.

With all of this in mind, below are five questions to ask about hiring passive candidates:

  1. Is your organization’s hiring process for passive candidates different than the process it has for active job seekers?
  2. If the process IS different, how exactly is it different?
  3. If it is NOT different, what steps must you take in order to address the situation?
  4. If you were a passive superstar candidate, what would you think about your organization’s hiring process?
  5. Is hiring superstar candidates the central focus of your organization’s hiring process, and if it’s not, why is that the case?

Blurring the lines between passive candidates and active job seekers is a risky proposition. The two groups represent distinctly different demographics that typically bring with them equally distinctive value propositions.

Bottom line: when it comes to passive superstar candidates, there are three crucial steps involved:

  1. They must be successfully identified.
  2. They must be successfully recruited.
  3. They must be successfully onboarded.

It doesn’t matter if your organization undertakes these steps or if it hires the services of a recruiting firm to get the job done—it just has to be done.

To be the best in the industry, you must hire the best in terms of employees. Some of these people might already work for you, but there’s a good chance that some of them do not. In fact, some might work for your competition.

So start asking the right questions . . . but more importantly, start formulating the right answers.

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