For years and years, working on a contract assignment was viewed in a negative light. Conventional wisdom dictated that if you worked on contract, it was because you couldn’t get a direct hire job. While that was untrue then, it’s even more ridiculous now.

Ever since the Great Recession, more companies have utilized contract workers on a consistent basis. They’ve done so to complement their direct hire staff to create what is called a blended workforce. This type of workforce provides employers with more flexibility and more options in terms of managing its staff.

But there are plenty of advantages for you, the contract worker, as well. Below are five reasons to consider working on a contract assignment:

#1—The opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills

Every company is different and every company does things differently. As a result, working at various organizations will expose you to each organization’s best practices. In addition, you can add to your knowledge and skill set along the way. This includes both hard skills and soft skills.

#2—The potential to earn more money

While contractors are paid on an hourly basis, they typically make more than their direct hire counterparts, who are paid on salary. Not only are contractors paid for every hour they work, but they can also be paid more for overtime and for working on holidays. Contract work is a great way to earn a lot of money in a short period of time.

#3—The opportunity for more schedule flexibility

Depending upon the assignment, you could work remotely as a contract worker. You could also work at multiple locations and/or set your own hours. In any event, it might be quite different than your typical 8-to-5 existence. Depending upon the demands of your personal life, more flexibility might make things easier.

#4—The opportunity to travel

Some people don’t like to travel. They like working at the same company in the same town for the foreseeable future. Other people, though, enjoy traveling. Some enjoy it a lot, and the prospect of seeing different cities and working in various locations appeals to them. Contract work can provide that type of opportunity for those who are hard wired for frequent travel.

#5—The opportunity to evaluate an employer

One of the great things about contract work is that it can always turn into a direct hire position. If the contract assignment goes well, the contractor likes the employer, and the employer likes the contractor, then the assignment could become a temp-to-direct situation. During the contract assignment, though, the contractor can evaluate the organization and the company culture and determine if it’s a place where they would like to work on a direct basis.

As you can see, the word used most often in the five points above is “opportunity.” Working on a contract basis provides you with many opportunities, some of which are not available through traditional direct hire employment. For those who are willing to consider this line of work, these represent opportunities for great career growth and satisfaction.

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