You may think that there is no reason for you to talk to a recruiter or search consultant right now. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging around the world. There is still a great deal of uncertainty in both the economy and the employment marketplace.

Better to just “hunker down” and not make waves of any kind . . . right?

Wrong. Once simple question will debunk that particular myth: do you plan to retire from your current employer?

More than likely, the answer to that question is “No.” And since that is the answer, then you’re eventually going to work for another employer. And since you don’t yet know what that employer is, then you should probably keep your options open.

With all of that firmly in mind, below are five reasons to talk with a recruiter or search consultant (even if you really think that you don’t need to):

#1—You can collect marketplace intelligence.

Recruiters are a wealth of information. That’s because they have experience and expertise that you do not have, not to mention the fact they have connections with hiring managers and employers at the top organizations in the industry. How could you not want access to these things?

#2—You can enhance your personal brand.

Personal branding is the experience that you provide to other people during your interactions with them. Speaking with a recruiter on the phone can help you to brand yourself in a positive way with a person who has the connections and the expertise you need. Provided, of course, that you do and say the things you need to in order to brand yourself in that fashion.

#3—You can increase your networking efforts.

Networking is crucial to professional and career growth. It’s not just what you know and it’s not just who you know. It’s both what you know and who you know, and having a recruiter or search consultant in your network of contacts is a strategic move that can pay off.

#4—You can practice your interviewing skills.

Practice makes perfect, right? The more you do something, the better you become at that something, and this applies to interviewing just as much as it applies to everything else. Talking on the phone with a recruiter and answering their questions can help you to hone your interviewing skills, especially your capabilities in handling the phone screen.

#5—You can “dig your well before you’re thirsty.”

What does this mean? It means the worst time to dig a well is when you’re thirsty. The best time to dig a well is before you’re thirsty. If you wait until you’re thirsty to dig the well, you might be dead before you finish digging it. The same principle applies to your career. You should talk with a recruiter and build a relationship with them before you need them.

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