It’s no secret that retention is a problem for employers in the marketplace these days. Keeping top-shelf employees should be a priority of employers in every industry. And that includes within the Engineering and Information Technology fields.

However, before you can stop an employee from quitting, you have to know in advance that they’re thinking about doing so. As you might imagine, that’s an important step in the process. That’s because if you don’t see it coming, then you’re forced to clean up the mess after the fact. And by that time, it’s probably already too late.

No, as an employer, you must be proactive. You must “get ahead of the curve,” as they say. With that in mind, below are five red flags that an employee is about to quit:

#1—A noticeable decline in performance

This is especially a red flag if the employee in question is usually a competent worker or a top performer. If their performance declines for seemingly no reason, then it could be an indication that they’re positioning themselves to leave. Now, it could also point to something happening in their personal life, so you must careful if you approach the employee with questions.

#2—Lack of communication and/or interaction

This includes less interaction during meetings and less interaction with co-workers in general. This kind of isolation can also signal that the employee is positioning themselves for an exit. Basically, they don’t want to invest in the relationships they have with others at the company because they know that they’ll soon be leaving.

#3—Less interest in their personal development

It’s not really that the person has less interest in their personal development. It’s just that they have less interest developing themselves at their current employer. They plan to continue their development. It’s just that they plan to do it somewhere else.

#4—Avoidance of long-term projects

This is similar to #2. The employee doesn’t want to participate in a long-term project because they figure they won’t be around when the project ends. This is especially telling if the employee gravitated toward long-term projects before, but now they suddenly have an aversion to them.

#5—Unexplained absences

This is the one that people are the most familiar with. If someone has a rash of unexplained absences, including taking personal time for half the day, then it could be an indication that they’re interviewing with another employer. And it could also signal that they’ll soon be walking out the door—for good.

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