Hiring top talent in today’s marketplace requires more than simply posting a job ad and sifting through the responses.

Sure, you’ll receive applicants. However, they more than likely won’t be the grade-A candidates that you’re seeking.

That’s because the type of candidates you ARE seeking are already considered valuable by their current employers. As a result, those employers are not only keeping those candidates busy as employees, but they’re also making sure that they’re being compensated well.

So—are those candidates going to see your job ad (no matter where it is)? No, they are not.

Instead of a job ad, organizations need a comprehensive and focused strategy. This strategy must be constructed thoughtfully and executed well. Consequently, it requires a certain amount of time, energy, and effort to be successful.

As a starting point, that strategy should include the following five steps:

#1—Identify the job candidates.

#2—Engage the candidates.

#3—Recruit the candidates.

#4—Hire the candidates.

#5—Retain the candidates as employees.

As you can see, this strategy (and the corresponding process) does not end when the job candidate is hired. That’s because the candidate also has to be retained as an employee. What good is it to hire the best if you can’t convince the best to stay?

With all of this in mind, below are the five questions that your hiring team should ask about its current strategy for adding top talent to the organization:

#1—How do we identify top job candidates?

#2—How do we connect with top candidates once we identify them?

#3—How do we recruit the candidates once we’ve connected with them?

#4—How do we ensure that the top candidate accepts our offer of employment?

#5—How do we successfully retain top candidates as employees?

The best candidates in the marketplace are not going to walk up and knock on your door just because you have an job opening. You have to identify them, engage them, recruit them, hire them, and then retain them.

If your organization is faltering with any one of these steps, then the overall effectiveness of your hiring process is diluted. Address any shortcomings you may have and also consider aligning yourself with an experienced and successful recruiting firm.

A recruiting firm can help your organization at every stage of the process, ensuring that you hire (and retain) the best candidates . . . before your competition does.

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