Landing a great job is about more than having the requisite skills and experience needed for the position. Those are simply the tangible traits for which an employer is looking.

No, companies want more than just the tangible. They want the intangible, as well, those characteristics that are difficult to glean by simply scanning a resume.

A person’s intangible traits and characteristics are just as important as their skills and experience. In fact, for some companies and hiring managers, they might be more important. That’s why they screen carefully for these traits, especially when conducting references and during the face-to-face interview.

Below are five things that companies absolutely want in a candidate:

#1—They don’t make excuses.

Top candidates (and top employees) take full ownership of the results of their actions or inactions. They don’t pawn off an undesirable result on somebody else and attribute their shortcomings to something that was out of their control. Instead, they take the steps necessary to counteract adversity, regardless of what form it may take, so they can still be successful.

#2—They don’t let fear rule their decisions.

Doing scary things and taking chances are well . . . scary. That’s why a lot of people don’t do it. Unfortunately for those people, doing the very things that scare them is the only way for them to achieve lofty goals and reach their full potential. Top employees still feel fear and/or apprehension. However, they push past those feelings and still make the tough decisions.

#3—They face reality.

Let’s face it: reality is sometimes not a pretty thing. Top performers do not shy away from reality. Instead, they embrace it, both good and bad. After all, you can’t change a situation unless you acknowledge the reality of it. Top candidates and employees recognize this, and that’s why they’re ruthlessly honest with themselves.

#4—They are proactive.

Top candidates do not wait around for somebody to give them permission to act. After all, if they’re taking ownership of their performance (see #1), then they’re going to take the initiative necessary to ensure that they’re successful. They understand that results can not be realized without action, and they’re completely comfortable being responsible for that action.

#5—They are resilient.

Everybody fails from time to time. Nobody is immune to this universal truth. However, how a person responds to that failure is what’s truly important. Successful people do not let minor setbacks stop them from continually pursuing excellence. Rather, they use failure as fuel for their mission, learning from it and allowing it to propel them to greater heights.

How many of the above traits do you possess? Which ones have you exhibited during face-to-face interviews? If you’re in the midst of a job search or you’re ready to start one, then contact The Doepker Group!

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