The New Year is here! Today is January 1, and 2020 is unraveling before us like the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz.

However, chances are good that you’re not looking for a heart. Or courage. Or a brain. Or even to go home, for that matter.

But what you DO want are high-quality candidates for your open positions, professionals who can make a difference in your organization and positively impact the bottom line. After all, January is one of the top hiring months of the year, and for some employers, it’s THE top hiring month.

So with that mind, below are five tips for more hiring success in the New Year:

1—Analyze your hires from the past year.

If you want to be more successful in 2020, how successful where you in 2019? How many people did you hire? Are those people still with you? How many people turned down your offers of employment? How many employees left for another opportunity? Why did they leave?

These are all questions that you need to ask, and more importantly, you need to answer.

2—Focus on passive candidates.

The best candidates in the marketplace are primarily passive candidates. That means they’re not actively looking for a new job. And that means they must be recruited away from their current employment situation.

So you just can’t post some jobs online and expect them all to come running. Because they won’t.

3—Utilize employee referrals when and where appropriate.

If you don’t have an employee referral program for new hires, then you should. Your current employees can be a treasure trove of leads when it comes to sourcing new talent for your organization’s open positions. Just be sure to make the program worth your employees’ while.

4—Work on your organization’s employer brand.

How is your organization viewed in the marketplace? Do you even know? Employer branding has become increasingly more important during the past several years, especially with members of the younger generations. And as you probably already know, there are more Millennials in the workforce than members of any other generation.

5—Write better, more attractive job descriptions.

Since you have to recruit passive candidates, that means you must also entice them once they enter the hiring process. One way to do this is with the job description. You have to make it sound attractive, not tedious. Candidates are not going to leave their current employer for a laundry list of tasks and duties.

Another tip is to align yourself with an experienced search consultant and recruiting agency that has a track record of success placing candidates like the ones you want to hire.

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