With each passing year, video interviews become more popular. As that popularity grows, so do the chances that you’ll be part of one (if you haven’t already).

The number-one goal of a video interview is the same top goal of a face-to-face interview: to secure an offer of employment. However, a video interview presents different challenges than its on-site counterpart, and failure to recognize and address those challenges could result in dire consequences (namely, not being considered for the position in question).

Below are five tips for nailing a video interview . . . and bringing yourself one step closer to an offer of employment.

#1—Location, location, location

They’re the three most important words in real estate . . . and for your video interview. Company officials will see not just you, but everything surrounding you. So make sure that you select the best location possible and that you “frame” yourself appropriately.

#2—Put your best face (and everything else) forward

Basically, dress like you would for a face-to-face interview. Pretend that the people interviewing you are in the same room. If you try to cut corners on any aspect of your appearance, you’re creating the opportunity for it to hurt you at some point. Don’t create that opportunity.

#3—Proper preparation prevents . . .

Just like you’re dressing for a face-to-face interview, that mentality should permeate all other aspects of your preparation. Have a copy of your resume, the job description, and your questions handy. Reference them when needed, but don’t be overt about it. To help you accomplish this, record yourself being interviewed and then critique your performance. Every bit of preparation helps to give you the edge you need.

#4—Speak loudly and clearly.

Perhaps you don’t have a problem projecting your voice and being heard, but maybe you’re somebody who talks in a quiet tone. If that’s the case, it could hamper your performance and diminish your candidacy. Take the steps necessary during your preparation to remedy this.

#5—Be energetic and enthusiastic.

As it might be more difficult to hear you during a video interview, it might also be more difficult to gauge your energy level. Candidates who exude energy typically receive higher marks than those who do not, and of course, hiring managers want to see that you’re enthusiastic about the position.

Interviews are all about the offer of employment—including video interviews. Use the tips above to nail your next video interview and receive the offer.

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