These days, success in the employment marketplace is all about doing more with less, and that makes an organization’s workforce—and the employees who comprise that workforce—all the more important.

But what makes a truly valuable employee? What traits set apart those exceptional employees from those who are merely good or simply “okay”?

This is a critical question to ask, because there is quite a difference between the amount of work that a team of all “A” employees can accomplish and the work that a team of “B” employees can get done. And the difference is even greater when making a comparison to “C” employees.

With that in mind, below are five traits and characteristics of truly valuable employees:

#1—Willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Of course, they should not be willing to compromise their integrity or do anything illegal to get the job done. Outside of that, though, they should be committed to achieving results. That’s because results are the bottom line in the employment marketplace. (And when you think about it, just about everywhere else, too.)

#2—Does not think that any task is “beneath them.”

In their quest to achieve results, these employees never say anything to the effect of “That’s not my job.” If they’re asked to do something for the common good, then they do it. They’re mindful of the benefits associated with a team-first mentality and they don’t have a problem serving as a role model for their co-workers.

#3—Focuses on solutions to problems and not the problems themselves.

“Finding solutions” is just another way of saying “getting results.” However, it is more difficult to find solutions if you’re always focusing on the size of the problem and the challenges that it presents. Successful people don’t worry about the size of the problem. They focus on the effectiveness of their possible solutions.

#4—Does not let fear of failure dictate their decisions.

Fear can be a destructive emotion, perhaps the most destructive one. One of the biggest fears that people have is the fear of failure, and that fear can be crippling if you allow it to affect the decisions you make. Truly valuable employees are prudent and cautions when the situation calls for it, but they also take calculated risks that have the potential to bring substantial rewards.

#5—Does not participate in gossip or other petty behavior.

Unfortunately, some employees fall prey to these temptations. At best, this behavior slows down productivity. At worst, it contributes to a toxic work environment, which can have far-reaching ramifications. Nobody wants to work for an employer that tolerates such an environment. That’s a good way to lose your truly valuable employees.

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