There are many stages in the hiring process, and one of the most important stages is the final one: the offer stage. However, whether or not a candidate accepts an offer of employment is dependent upon all of the stages that preceded it, not just the offer stage.

Specifically, an employer should “sell” the opportunity to candidates all the way through the process. But what does that mean, exactly?

Well, below are the five ways that an employer should “sell” a job opportunity:

#1—The position itself

This is what the candidate is most interested in, so it makes sense to start here. However, note that you can’t just highlight a list of boring duties and job responsibilities. That’s not going to grab the attention of top candidates. Instead, you should “sell” the position in an exciting fashion. Add some “sizzle” to the whole thing!

#2—The position’s potential for growth

There’s the way the position is when the candidate first starts in the role and then there’s where the candidate could take the position. Both of these are important to somebody who is considering whether or not they want the job. As a result, you as the employer should “sell” both of these aspects to candidates. Top candidates are interested in their potential for growth, so emphasize that during the hiring process.

#3—The company culture of the organization

This is more important than ever to top candidates. This is especially the case with younger candidates, specifically members of the Millennial Generation. Candidates want to know what kind of company culture you offer and how they would fit into that culture if they were hired by your organization. Ideally, you want candidates to feel excited about the prospect of joining your culture, not just lukewarm.

#4—The organization’s potential for growth

Everybody wants to work for a winner, and top candidates are certainly no different. They want to work for a winning organization, and winning organizations grow. They are market leaders and employers of choice within their industry. So you must also “sell” candidates on your organization’s standing, especially on its status as a leader and/or innovator.

#5—The candidate’s potential for growth

It’s not enough for just the company to grow, of course. Top candidates also want to growth. This speaks to personal development, which is a big consideration for candidates when they’re pursuing an employment opportunity. If they don’t think they have enough opportunities for growth, development, and advancement, then they will not accept your offer of employment and they will not work for your organization.

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