There’s no doubt that skills and experience are paramount when considering which candidates to hire and bring on board as employees. Most hiring managers would agree wholeheartedly with that statement.

But what about retaining employees? Does your organization take the same approach with retention that it takes with hiring? Does it devote as much energy to the process of retention? What criteria does it use?

There are the hard skills—the skills needed to complete the duties of the position. Then there are the soft skills, or the intangible skills. The latter is just as important as the former.

If you have two employees of equal skill and experience, the employee with the better soft skills possesses more value as an employee. Do you know which of your current employees that includes?

Below are six characteristics of the employee you MUST retain:

#1—They take ownership of their performance.

They don’t blame other people for their own failures. They don’t throw their co-workers “under the bus.” In fact, they sometimes take the blame even when it really isn’t their fault. Employees who exhibit this type of behavior are consummate team players.

#2—They go above and beyond.

They’re not “clock watchers.” Instead, they arrive early and leave late. They do NOT just do the bare minimum. They’re fully invested in the position, they take pride in their work, and they consistently strive to exceed expectations.

#3—They never complain.

Complaining is indicative of a “can’t do” attitude. When employees complain, they’re looking for a reason not to do something, rather than looking for a reason to do something.

#4—They’re highly cooperative.

Emergency situations invariably arise, necessitating the involvement of multiple team members to solve a problem and/or avert a crisis. Those employees who put aside their person agendas for the good of the organization are worth their weight in gold.

#5—They contribute positive energy.

Negative energy gets you nowhere (see #3 about complaining). However, employees who have a positive attitude and are encouraging to others improve the mood of the entire team. They help build momentum and create confidence, paving the way for a successful outcome.

#6—They’re actively engaged.

These employees participate in company activities and bond with other team members outside of work hours. That’s because they see themselves as having a future with the company. If they see themselves as having a future, then you should see them having that future, as well.

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