Chances are better than average that if you’re reading this article, then you’re at least thinking about finding a new job.

Of every 10 people who read this article, more than likely at least five of them are disengaged with their employer, and the number is more than likely higher than that.

So what does this mean, besides the fact that you’re probably thinking about searching for a new career opportunity? It means that you’ll have more competition from other job seekers when you attempt to find that opportunity.

This represents the first reason why you should conduct a “covert job search” through an executive recruiter: it immediately gives you an advantage over other job seekers, passive or otherwise, who are not using a recruiter.

However, there are five additional reasons why you should conduct your “covert job search” through a recruiter:

#1—You don’t have to worry about where your resume is going.

A job search can be a time-consuming process, especially a “covert” one, and a recruiter will take care of most of the work for you, especially regarding the distribution of your resume.

#2—A recruiter offers an extra layer of confidentiality.

Recruiters are accustomed to working with candidates who want to conduct a “covert” search. As a result, confidentiality is automatically built into their entire process, from start to finish.

#3—A recruiter will not waste your time.

That’s because if a recruiter wastes your time, that means they’re also wasting their own time. Recruiters do not want to waste their time.

#4—A recruiter already has a working relationship with employers in the industry.

If you want your search to be “double-secret covert,” then you can ask the recruiter to communicate that to interested companies. The recruiter will more than likely get better results than if you were to ask.

#5—A recruiter can sometimes provide special accommodations.

Since a recruiter already has a relationship with companies, they can request even more in the way of “covert” accommodations. For example, if dressing up in a professional fashion at work in advance of an interview would tip off your current employer, the recruiter can explain the situation and set up a “business casual” interview for you instead.

More job seekers are entering the employment marketplace every day looking for opportunities and the chance to advance their career. Gain an advantage over them by aligning yourself with an experienced executive recruiting firm, one that can provide you with the anonymity you need and ultimately, the new job that you want.

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