Recruiting and search firms can be beneficial during your job search if you know how they operate and what you can do to maximize their resources.

These firms are companies that specialize in recruiting personnel for employers in many different industries. They typically have a high range of contacts within those industries, as well as detailed, specialized knowledge of a particular field.

Recruiting firms help ensure that candidates fit all of the requirements for an open position and are also a fit for the company’s culture. They basically act as a connection between a company and an interested candidate, assisting in making a successful hire.

As helpful as recruiting firms can be, there correct ways to use them . . . and incorrect ways. Below are eight tips for using a recruiting firm to jump-start your job search:

  1. Do NOT become too reliant on the recruiting firm’s contacts instead of your own.
  2. Make sure that the recruitment firm of your choice specializes in your chosen field.
  3. Clearly communicate all expectations at the beginning of the process.
  4. Enlist the help of a recruiting firm to customize your resume and coach you for interviews.
  5. Do NOT send your resume to every recruiter. As a candidate, you’ll get the most out of a recruiting firm by building a relationship with it. Being involved with multiple search firms diminishes relationships.
  6. When selecting a recruiting firm that specializes in your chosen field, you should dress professionally and establish a solid relationship.
  7. A solid relationship with a recruiting firm should be similar to a partnership. A recruiting firm should work with your best interests in mind and keep in constant communication. In response, you should treat the firm with respect and remain loyal to it.
  8. Be honest and professional and consistently follow up with the firm.

A recruiting firm can be of great value during your job search, but only if you work with it in the correct fashion. Follow the tips outlined above, and you stand a better chance of ensuring a successful end to your search.

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