You might think, as an employer, that you don’t have to impress job candidates as much now during the COVID-19 pandemic as you did before the pandemic started.

However, that line of thinking is misguided at best and flat-out wrong at worst.

That’s because, as we detailed in a recent blog post, the candidates you want to hire still exist in the marketplace.

But that’s just one reality of the current situation in the employment marketplace. Here are a few others:

  • The best candidates in the marketplace are not any more likely to be looking at other employment opportunities right now. In fact, they may be less likely to be doing so.
  • If one of these candidates does decide to explore other opportunities, they’re still looking for everything they would have looked for in an opportunity and an employer before the pandemic started.
  • Successfully engaging these candidates during the recruiting and hiring process is just as difficult as it has ever been.

The pandemic, of course, presents more than its fair share of obstacles and challenges to employers. This is especially the case for those employers who are looking to hire. That’s because the protocols for interviewing have changed, with the rise of virtual interviews and video interviews.

However, now that lock-downs and restrictions have been ending in certain states, in-person interviews will become more commonplace than they’ve been during the past few months. Even though that’s the case, there are still new regulations and protocols that must be followed.

But in order for those regulations and protocols to be followed, they must be communicated. And this is where an employer can stand out to top talent, by proactively communicating any and all information that pertains to their upcoming in-person interview.

You might think that doing so is not that big of a deal, but hiring officials often underestimate its importance. Interviewing was a stressful situation for job candidates before the pandemic. Now, it’s even more stressful.

First and foremost, you should strive to communicate the right information for the health and safety of everybody involved in the process.

Second, this represents an opportunity to make a great impression and truly engage job candidates. You have the chance to show them that your organization is a great place to work.

On the other hand, if you don’t communicate information well, then you run the risk of branding your organization in a negative fashion and putting doubt in the mind of top candidates.

And that is absolutely NOT the way to impress them.

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