It’s a new year, replete with new challenges, expectations, and personal and professional goals. While your personal goals are your own affair (losing weight, anyone?), this blog post is focused more on your professional goals.

And one of the more strategic ways to attain those goals is to align yourself with an experienced recruiter working within your field. Perhaps you’ve never worked with a recruiter before. Maybe you know somebody who has, they had an unfortunate experience with one, and now you’re leery about the whole process.

While that is understandable, your hesitation could be costing you. Aligning yourself with the right recruiter is a strategic move that can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace over other candidates who are not working with a recruiter. Once again, though, the emphasis is on working with the right recruiter, not just any recruiter.

Below are four good reasons to align yourself with a recruiter in 2019:

#1—Their knowledge of the employment marketplace

Recruiters know what’s “moving and shaking” in the marketplace. This includes which employers are doing what, as well as how trends are affecting the current state of hiring. They also have access to what is known as the “hidden job market.” This involves those job openings that employers do not advertise through traditional means, such as an online job posting.

#2—Their knowledge of the employers

Recruiters work with employers and hiring managers on a daily basis. They have working relationships with them. They know the personalities and other factors at an organization that can influence hiring decisions. This is all information that you as a candidate out in the world do not know. (And it would be almost impossible to find out on your own without the help of a recruiter.)

#3—Their knowledge of the hiring process

Once you’ve entered the hiring process of an organization, it’s critical to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. While you might have a general idea, a recruiter can provide you with specific information tailored to each employer. After all, they’ve been through the hiring process of their clients with other candidates. They know what to expect and how a candidate should conduct themselves. This is, once again, tremendously valuable.

#4—Their ability to prepare you for interviews

This is perhaps the most important. Nailing the face-to-face interview is paramount in your quest to secure an offer of employment. If you don’t nail the interview, then you won’t get an offer. It’s as simple as that. A recruiter can provide tips and advice regarding the interview, and more than likely, they also know the people who are going to interview you. The recruiter has spoken to some of these people numerous times about the job and what they’re seeking in a candidate.

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