It doesn’t matter if you’re not looking for a new job right now. It doesn’t matter if you like your current job and you like your employer. There are still benefits associated with having a conversation with a recruiter.

As we explored in our previous blog post, talking with a recruiter does NOT mean that you’re a disloyal employee. It also does NOT mean that you’re going to be “found out” and then fired from your current job.

What talking with a recruiter does mean is that you’re considered a top candidate in the employment marketplace. You should consider that to be a flattering reality. However, that is not the only benefit of talking with a recruiter.

Below are four benefits of simply having a conversation with a recruiter:

#1—Finding out about other employment opportunities

Even if you’re looking for a new job, you’re not going to know about all the jobs that are available. That’s because recruiters are privy to what is called the “hidden job market.” These are the jobs that employers do not advertise through traditional means because they’re attempting to fill the positions in a confidential fashion.

#2—Information about the employment marketplace

Recruiters are “on the front lines” of the marketplace. They work “in the trenches” on a daily basis. It is literally their job. As such, they have information about what’s happening that you do not have, including prevailing trends that could affect your employment situation.

#3—Information about what the top employers are doing

Everybody wants to work for a top employer. (Most everybody does, anyway.) So why would you not want to know what the top employers are doing in the marketplace? You would want to know . . . that’s the correct answer. And recruiters have that knowledge!

#4—Advice about job hunting in general

Recruiters have been in the employment game for a long time. They’ve seen professionals do things the right way, and they’ve seen professionals do things the wrong way. If you have a question or if you want some information regarding a certain topic, they can provide the answer or the information that you’re seeking.

Just because you’re talking with a recruiter does not mean that you’re making a commitment of any kind. Even if you’re discussing a specific job with a particular employer, it still does not mean that you’re making a commitment to anybody or anything. You’re simply having a conversation.

You can get to the end of the conversation and say, “Thank you for letting me know about this opportunity, but I’m not interested in making a move at this time.” That is always an option when you’re talking with a recruiter.

Another option, of course, is exploring the employment opportunity that they present to you, which might just turn out to be an important career move that changes the quality of your life for the better.

Which would be yet another benefit.

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