In a previous blog post, we discussed why and how organizations in the Engineering and Information Technology industries must invest in their employees.

As far as the why is concerned, it’s for the purpose of retaining those employees. Losing top talent in this current marketplace can be costly to employers, especially for specific and highly specialized positions that have a huge impact on the organization’s bottom line.

However, investing in your best employees can have benefits simply beyond retaining the services of those employees. (Although if that was the only benefit, then it would still be a necessary and worthwhile endeavor.)

No, there are other benefits, which should make investing in top employees even more attractive. Below are four more benefits:

#1—Increased production

If employees are more engaged and more satisfied with their job, then it stands to reason that they’re also going to be more productive on that job. In other words, they’re going to work harder and get more done in less time.

#2—Increased profit

When employees are more productive and they get more done in less time, this usually equates to more profit. When you invest in something, you want a return on that investment. More profit definitely represents a return on your company’s investment in its employees.

#3—A better workplace culture

More engaged and more satisfied employees also translate into a better culture. Employees are intrinsically more relaxed in such an environment. They get along better with their co-workers. All of this also leads to more production and eventually, more profit. (Once you “get the ball rolling,” you can see how this has the potential to become cyclical in nature.)

#4—A better reputation outside the organization

Every company and organization wants to become an “employer of choice” within the marketplace. This means that job seekers and candidates want to work for your organization, which means that you have to do less work to identify them, track them down, and recruit them. When you gain a reputation as a company that invests in its employees, then more people will want to become employees of your organization. It’s as simple as that.

So now you know why and how your company should invest in its employees and the many benefits that are associated with doing so. Where is your organization in regards to this issue? Do you have a system or process in place for addressing it?

Do your employees feel as though the organization is investing in them? Do they feel engaged in their work and satisfied with their job? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then there’s a chance that you don’t want to know. Because the answers might not be positive.

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