21 11, 2018

Does Your Current Employer Support Your Career?

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Perhaps this is not a question that you’ve asked before. However, you should ask it. After all, you’re invested in your career. You want to enjoy success and satisfaction during it. Doesn’t it make sense that your employer would want the same? “No,” you might be thinking. “My employer wants to make money, and they [...]

10 10, 2018

More Opportunities Also Means More Chances to “Burn Bridges”

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We’ve discussed in a previous blog post why you should never “burn bridges” in your career. You never know when something that you’ve said or done (or not done) will come back to hurt you at a later date. It happens more frequently than anybody imagines, and people almost always think that it won’t happen [...]

3 10, 2018

Why You Should NOT Accept an Offer Unless You’re Ready

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It’s no secret that we’re in a candidates’ market. After all, unemployment is historically low. There is a record number of job openings in the country. In fact, there are more job openings then there are unemployed people to fill them. So with all of that said, candidates are definitely “in the driver’s seat,” so [...]

19 09, 2018

Considering an Opportunity Better Than the One You Have

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In our previous blog post for job seekers and candidates, we discussed the dangers involved in “burning bridges” during your career. Specifically, we discussed saying and doing things that might benefit you in the short term, but might also hurt you in the long run. However, while there is danger in being too brazen in [...]

12 09, 2018

Why You Should Never “Burn Bridges” in Your Career

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Unfortunately, candidates in today’s market sometimes engage in what might be termed “short-term behavior.” That means they make decisions and say and do things that might appear to benefit them in the short term. However, those same things could come back to “haunt” them in the long run. In other words, these candidates are “burning [...]

29 08, 2018

The Danger of Appearing Greedy During the Hiring Process

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In our previous blog post, we addressed the importance of identifying the WIIFM of other people, both in the workplace and also during your job search. Admittedly, that is not always easy to do. This is especially the case if you’re a top candidate in the marketplace and you’re seeking a new employment opportunity. That’s [...]

22 08, 2018

The Importance of Identifying the WIIFM of Other People

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As a professional in the Information Technology and/or Engineering fields, you are inherently preoccupied with what you want in your career. People are, by nature, preoccupied with themselves, and this preoccupation is often unfortunately evident when they embark upon a job search. We say “unfortunately” because this not a positive way to brand yourself. Personal [...]

8 08, 2018

What if You’re Not Interested in an Opportunity That a Recruiter Presents?

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In our previous blog post, we discussed the proper way to respond when a recruiter reaches out to you about an employment opportunity. To recap, there are two important aspects of this opportunity that you should keep in mind. It’s an opportunity that you probably know nothing about. It’s an opportunity that is more than [...]

1 08, 2018

What You Should Do if a Recruiter Reaches Out to You

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In today’s employment marketplace, there’s definitely a chance that a recruiter will reach out to you, especially if you work in the Information Technology or Engineering industries. There are two main reasons for this: There’s a substantial skills gap in this country. We’re currently in a candidates’ market. In fact, there’s a chance that you’ve [...]