17 11, 2021

5 Ways to Enhance Your Candidacy During the Hiring Process

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Earlier this month, we published a blog post titled, “4 Things a Candidate MUST Do During the Hiring Process.” Consider those four things the foundation of your behavior. That’s because you’re still competing against other job seekers and candidates. That means you still need to be at the top of your game, and that means [...]

3 11, 2021

4 Things a Job Candidate MUST Do During the Hiring Process

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The interviewing and hiring process is a two-way street. Yes, there are certain things that you as a candidate expect from the organization considering you for employment, and you’re right to expect those things. However, on the flip side of that coin, there are certain things that the organization expects from YOU during the process, [...]

27 10, 2021

The 3 Things That Make You a Solid Candidate to Employers

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Job seekers often wonder what makes them a “good candidate.” They contemplate this after applying for a number of jobs for which they believe they ARE qualified, only to not receive an offer or employment, or in some cases, to not be contacted about the position at all. Unfortunately, there is often a discrepancy between [...]

13 10, 2021

Do These 3 Things to Sabotage Your Chances of Being Hired

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The title for this newsletter article is rather unusual . . . but it grabbed your attention. Normally, an article will instruct about how NOT to do something, such as sabotaging your chances of being hired. However, if you’ve been in the recruiting business for any length of time, you’ll witness all sorts of behavior [...]

29 09, 2021

How a Recruiter Can Help Advance Your Career

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This is an interesting time to be in the employment marketplace. After all, we’re in the midst of a “Great Resignation,” during which millions of workers are quitting their jobs in pursuit of “greener pastures.” But what if you haven’t quit? What if you’ve kept your job, but you’ve watched some of your co-workers and [...]

15 09, 2021

6 Reasons Recruiters Increase Your Odds of Getting Hired

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When it comes to finding a better opportunity, everybody wants to increase the odds that they’re going to receive an offer of employment from the company for which they want to work. Here’s the myth: Being represented by a recruiter will cost the company more money to hire you, and therefore, will decrease your odds [...]

1 09, 2021

Why Your Online Presence is Part of Your Professional Resume

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Most of the time, when job seekers are assembling their resume, they forget one vital aspect of it. Their online presence. Make no doubt about it—your presence on the Internet is definitely part of your professional resume. Why is that? Simple. If you apply for a position with a company and they’re seriously considering you [...]

23 06, 2021

How to Know If You Should Leave Your Current Job

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People are often conflicted over whether they should leave their job. They feel loyalty to their current employer, but they want to explore other employment opportunities and grow their career. As a result, some professionals feel guilty about doing so. However, they should not feel this way, because the person they should feel the most [...]