15 06, 2016

5 No-Brainer Interview Tips That People Still Can’t Follow

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In a previous blog post, we presented “3 Things About Your Job Search That (Probably) Nobody Has Told You.” With this post, we’re moving specifically to the interview phase of your job search. Instead of focusing on things that you haven’t heard, we’re addressing things that seem like common sense . . . but that [...]

13 04, 2016

5 Things Companies Absolutely Want in a Candidate

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Landing a great job is about more than having the requisite skills and experience needed for the position. Those are simply the tangible traits for which an employer is looking. No, companies want more than just the tangible. They want the intangible, as well, those characteristics that are difficult to glean by simply scanning a [...]

30 03, 2016

5 Things That Top Candidates Consider in a Job Offer

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Every organization wants to hire the very best candidates it can, so they can turn those great candidates into great employees. However, in order to do that, you must “get inside the head” of top candidates in the marketplace. Remember, top candidates are already employed, performing at a high level for their current employer, and [...]

3 02, 2016

How Your Company Could be “Turning Off” Top Candidates

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Hiring the best candidates is about a lot more than having a great opportunity. It’s about more than writing a great job description. It’s about more than being an industry leader with a great company culture. That’s because if your organization brands itself in a negative fashion to candidates during the hiring process, then all [...]

2 12, 2015

Strategies for Tackling Bad Interview Questions

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Landing a face-to-face interview can be exciting. However, that excitement wears off quickly when you arrive and are asked less than savory questions. In fact, sometimes the questions directed at you are downright bad and perhaps even borderline offensive. If you’re not prepared for such a scenario, it can catch you off-guard and could quickly [...]

7 10, 2015

Top 5 Interview Mistakes That Experienced People Make

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Just because you’ve been in the job market for a while doesn’t mean that you’re immune to making mistakes during the interview process. In fact, you’re as prone to making mistakes as a “newbie” in the marketplace . . . you just make different ones. To help us uncover these mistakes, we’re enlisting the help [...]

16 09, 2015

5 Ways to Prepare for Modern Interviewing Techniques

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Just like everything else, the interviewing process has evolved over the years. Organizations have become more effective at interviewing candidates and identifying the ones that would be the best to hire for their open positions. So what does that mean for you, the candidate? It means that you must prepare for modern interviewing techniques, often [...]

2 09, 2015

5 Tips for Gathering a Great List of References

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So you’ve got your resume just the way you want it. And you’re prepared for your phone and face-to-face interviews. But what about your references? References remain an important part of the hiring process for companies. Although they don’t get as much “press” in this modern age of technology, references are a tried-and-true, old school [...]