24 06, 2015

5 Salary Questions You Might Be Asked During Your Interview

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Welcome to the third and final part of our "During Your Interview" series of blog posts. In the first part, we addressed "Top 5 Questions You Must Answer During Your Interview." In the second part, we discussed "3 MORE Mistakes to Avoid During Your Interview." One of the trickiest parts of a face-to-face interview is any discussion [...]

17 06, 2015

3 MORE Mistakes to Avoid During Your Interview

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In today’s highly competitive job market, all it can take is one mistake to derail your candidacy for a prime employment opportunity. That’s because a company’s hiring officials want to feel 100% assured that they’re bringing the right person on board.  Consequently, they often look for reasons not to hire somebody, as opposed to reasons [...]

10 06, 2015

Top 5 Questions You MUST Answer During Your Interview

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Chances are good that you’re not a mind reader, although that ability would come in handy in many situations, not the least of which is a face-to-face interview. While that’s not an option, there are certain things that go through a hiring manager’s mind during the interview, and you can prepare for those things.  That’s [...]

13 05, 2015

THIS is How You Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

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In our previous blog post, we discussed the importance of finishing your face-to-face interview strong and not getting “tackled at the one-yard line.” In this post, we’re going to the very beginning of the interview, and once again using football parlance, we hope to help you not get “tackled at the line of scrimmage.”   [...]

8 04, 2015

5 Characteristics of a Group Interview

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We’ve addressed a number of different interview situations in this blog, including the video interview.  As a job seeker, you could encounter any number of different situations in your quest to secure your next great employment opportunity. And one of those situations might be the group interview. In a group interview setting, you’re typically interviewed [...]