9 11, 2022

How the ‘Personal Touch’ Can Attract the Candidates You Want

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What gives you a better chance of hiring the type of superstar candidates you want to hire in this market? The “personal touch,” that’s what. Passive superstar candidates are being inundated with information regarding job opportunities, so much so that they certainly can’t respond to every message left for them and will only respond to [...]

29 07, 2020

5 Traits and Characteristics of Truly Valuable Employees

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These days, success in the employment marketplace is all about doing more with less, and that makes an organization’s workforce—and the employees who comprise that workforce—all the more important. But what makes a truly valuable employee? What traits set apart those exceptional employees from those who are merely good or simply "okay"? This is a [...]

9 10, 2019

A Simple Secret for the Better Retention of Top Employees

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Employee retention is definitely a concern of employers in today’s marketplace. That’s because finding and hiring top candidates is already difficult. Adding to that degree of difficulty is the fact that more and more professionals are exploring other employment opportunities. Earlier this year, a new report from Gallup estimated that U.S. businesses are losing a [...]

26 06, 2019

The 3 Reasons Why an Employee Would Leave Your Company

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Retention has been and continues to be a big issue for employers in today’s marketplace. That’s because we’re currently in a candidates’ market. That means all candidates have more employment opportunities and options, and the best candidates have the most options and the best options. Despite the fact that companies and organizations are experiencing more [...]

5 06, 2019

The Correct Way to Present Your Opportunity to Top Candidates

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There is more than one difference between an active job seeker and a passive candidate. This is especially the case when you’re talking about a top passive candidate. And if you’re an employer in the Engineering and/or Information Technology fields and you’re looking to hire, then you should definitely be interested in hiring top passive [...]

13 02, 2019

How to Deal with an Unhappy or Disgruntled Employee

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If you’re an employer, there’s no getting around the fact that you’re going to encounter unhappy or disgruntled employees. It’s simply the nature of employment. (Or perhaps more accurately, it’s the nature of human nature.) There are two main categories of unhappy employees: Unhappy employees who are productive and provide value to the organization. Unhappy [...]

6 02, 2019

The Danger in Treating All Candidates the Same

By | 2019-01-26T10:47:22+00:00 February 6th, 2019|Hiring, Management|0 Comments

We’ve discussed the difference between active job seekers and passive candidates before in this blog. And you might have read the title to this blog post and thought, “Why would you NOT treat all candidates the same? Isn’t it a good thing to treat people equally?” As a general rule, yes. However, when it comes [...]

21 11, 2018

Does Your Current Employer Support Your Career?

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Perhaps this is not a question that you’ve asked before. However, you should ask it. After all, you’re invested in your career. You want to enjoy success and satisfaction during it. Doesn’t it make sense that your employer would want the same? “No,” you might be thinking. “My employer wants to make money, and they [...]

7 11, 2018

The Cardinal Sin of Low-Balling the Offer

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The margin for error for employers in this current market is razor thin. If an organization wants to successfully hire the best candidates, then that organization can not make too many mistakes during the interviewing and hiring process. In fact, it would be in its best interests if it made NO mistakes. However, being perfect [...]

25 07, 2018

The Benefits of Investing in Your Company’s Employees

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In a previous blog post, we discussed why and how organizations in the Engineering and Information Technology industries must invest in their employees. As far as the why is concerned, it’s for the purpose of retaining those employees. Losing top talent in this current marketplace can be costly to employers, especially for specific and highly [...]