7 08, 2019

How to Spot Exceptional Candidates on the Resume

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There are many different components to a successful hiring process. There are some people who don’t realize it, but identifying top candidates is a crucial component. After all, if you don’t know who the top candidates are, then how do you expect to hire them? Or to put it another way, if you can’t spot [...]

5 04, 2017

Why Your Resume Should NOT Include Personal Information

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We’ve addressed the topic of the resume in previous posts in this blog. Specifically, we’ve addressed them in the following posts: “5 Tips for Gathering a Great List of References” “4 Quick Tips for Maximizing the Value of Your Resume” “4 Reasons to Always Keep Your Resume Updated” With this post, though, we’re going to [...]

13 07, 2016

4 Reasons to Always Keep Your Resume Updated

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Previously in this blog, we presented “4 Quick Tips for Maximizing the Value of Your Resume.” While maximizing your resume is important, doing so is a continuous process. It’s not like you only do it once, and then that’s it. Your resume is akin to a “living, breathing document.” It should change and expand right [...]

2 09, 2015

5 Tips for Gathering a Great List of References

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So you’ve got your resume just the way you want it. And you’re prepared for your phone and face-to-face interviews. But what about your references? References remain an important part of the hiring process for companies. Although they don’t get as much “press” in this modern age of technology, references are a tried-and-true, old school [...]