24 07, 2019

The Work Habits of Non-Valuable Employees

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We recently addressed the top work habits of valuable employees, those habits that employers seek out and the ones they want to see in job seekers and candidates. Those five work habits are as follows: Patience Active listening Emotional intelligence Prioritization Balance Just as there are work habits of employees who are considered valuable, there [...]

17 07, 2019

The Top Work Habits of Valuable Employees

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In our previous blog post, we posed the question of which is more valuable in terms of hiring—hard skills or soft skills? The bottom line is that hiring for soft skills is extremely important in the employment marketplace, which is why job seekers should make sure they possess all the skills necessary to be considered [...]

12 12, 2018

Why the “Bottom Line” is the Bottom Line for Your Candidacy

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What makes you a great candidate for a job that you’d really like to have? Well, as you may have already guessed, there are a lot of factors, including your skills and your experience. However, there are also other, more intangible factors. These include your soft skill set, or the way in which you’re able [...]

27 07, 2016

A Starting Point for Exploring Cloud Computing Job Opportunities

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Recently in this blog, we’ve addressed the topic of cloud computing. Specifically, we’ve done so with the following posts: “Want to Stand Out? Become an Expert in the Hybrid Cloud” “The Cloud: a Growing Source of Data AND Jobs” The bottom line with this series of posts is this: how can YOU leverage this information [...]

6 07, 2016

The Cloud: a Source of Growing Data AND Jobs

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We’ve broached the subject of the “cloud” before in this blog, specifically with the post “Want to Stand Out? Become an Expert in the Hybrid Cloud.” In that post, we addressed the growing emergence of hybrid clouds, as well as the employment opportunities that have resulted from that emergence. However, let’s take a step back [...]

29 06, 2016

Machine Learning Technology: Defense Against Hackers

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It seems like you can’t go a full week without reading a news article or seeing a report on television or the Internet about a hacking incident. They happen so frequently these days that some people hardly notice them anymore. However, the companies being hacked certainly notice. That’s because they’re losing data, they’re losing money, [...]

1 06, 2016

Open Source Security: a Great Source of Employment Opportunities

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Like everything else in the field of Information Technology, open source code has grown and evolved over the years. In short, more and more companies are using open source code. They’re using open source components from a variety of different places, and they’re incorporating it more into their software products. The reason is simple: open [...]

11 05, 2016

Want to Stand Out? Become an Expert in the Hybrid Cloud

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In our previous blog post, we addressed one of the big buzz phrases in Information Technology: “Big Data.” In this blog post, we have yet another such phrase: the “Cloud.” In fact, we’re going even a step further than that, to the heights of the “Hybrid Cloud.” According to SearchCloudComputing.com, the “Hybrid Cloud is a [...]