4 05, 2016

The Future: Big Data vs. Fast Data vs. Smart Data

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For how many years now have we been hearing about “Big Data”? Everything’s about Big Data. It’s the “big thing” for organizations of all sizes across all industries. However, has technology finally passed Big Data by? Well, maybe not, but it’s certainly caught up to it. There are a couple of other phenomenon now on [...]

23 03, 2016

Web Designer or Web Developer? Become a “Unicorn”!

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In a previous blog post, we discussed “Exploring the Web Design Hiring Landscape.” Part of that post described the difference between web designers and web developers, including their general duties and the disparity in the average annual salary that can be earned by people in both positions. Before we continue, there are two distinctions that [...]

9 03, 2016

Exploring the Web Design Employment Landscape

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In a word, the employment landscape for those working in web design is “healthy.” There are a number of reasons for this assessment, including the following three: The World Wide Web (aka, the Internet) is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it continues to grow at an astonishing speed. More and more organizations—in all [...]

10 02, 2016

Big Data Hiring and Employment Trends for This Year

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It’s no secret that Big Data represents one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative fields in employment. The jobs and opportunities that exist within this field become more numerous and attractive with each passing year. But what will this year hold? What will 2016 offer to programmers, data security analysts, and data scientists? Well, we [...]