In this current candidates’ market, employers need every edge they can get in their quest to acquire top talent and fill their open positions with the best candidates. It takes a concerted effort, plus numerous resources and the correct frame of mind to successfully woo these candidates.

You’ve probably heard before that you need to “sell” the opportunity during the hiring process.

You’ve probably also heard that you need to “sell” the organization, as well.

However, there’s something else that you must “sell” to candidates, especially top candidates, if you want to entice them to work for your organization. That something is hope.

Now you might be thinking, “Well, that sounds kind of hokey. Why would I try to sell hope to a candidate?”

Because nothing on Earth sells like hope. People do all sorts of crazy things simply because of hope. They don’t need a whole lot of hope, either. They just need a shred of it. Hope is a powerful tool.

Let’s use the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League as an example. Actually, we’re going to use the fans of the Cleveland Browns. For a few years, the Browns didn’t even exist. Their owner moved the team to Baltimore, where the team promptly won the Super Bowl.

Then the Browns returned as a franchise team earlier this century. However, it’s endured a losing season almost every year since. The past few seasons have been particularly brutal. The Browns are 1-19 in their last 20 games. Yes, fans still support the team. They still attend games in person. They still watch the team on television.

Why? Hope. In a seemingly hopeless situation, the fans still have hope. They cling to it, they don’t let go, and they do things that they would not otherwise do.

This is an extreme example. The best candidates in the marketplace are not desperate like fans of the Cleveland Browns. However, they do put the same high premium on hope. And this is how you should sell hope and use it to frame your communication with candidates during the hiring process:

  • Sell candidates on the hope that your employment opportunity is better than the job they currently have.
  • Sell them on the hope that working for your company will advance their career more quickly.
  • Sell them on the hope that working for your company will provide them with chances to add to their skill set and acquire more knowledge.
  • Sell them on the hope that working for your company is the BEST move they could make right now.

Everybody hopes that their life will be better in the future, both personally and professionally. Within the professional realm, the best candidates are not immune to this hope. In fact, they’re especially fond of it, because improving themselves is what drives them. That’s just the way they’re wired.

And you can tap into that motivation by appealing to the things for which they hope. Tie your opportunity and your organization to those things. Speak to their desire for a better professional life and align what you have to offer with what they want.

Hope is the crucial secret ingredient for hiring top talent. Put it to good use for your organization.

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