Perhaps this is not a question that you’ve asked before. However, you should ask it. After all, you’re invested in your career. You want to enjoy success and satisfaction during it.

Doesn’t it make sense that your employer would want the same?

“No,” you might be thinking. “My employer wants to make money, and they want me to help it make money.”

This is true. However, if your current employer wants you to help it make more money, then it should also support you in your career. While that might sound counter-intuitive, it really is not. Below are a few reasons why this is the case:

  • If your employer supports your career, you will feel more valued by the organization.
  • If you know that you’re more valued by the organization, then you will be more engaged in your work and therefore more productive.
  • If you know that your employer supports your career and that you’re valued by your employer, then you’re more likely to stay there and perform at a higher level.

All of that makes sense, does it not? The more that your employer cares about you and your career, the more that you will care about your job and your employer. It’s like any other relationship that exists in the world.

But what exactly should your employer care about? Well, there are two main things:

#1—Your employment with the company

Yes, as we’ve discussed, your employer cares about how productive you are. However, company officials (including your boss or supervisor) should also care about what you think about your employment.

They should care about how you view the work you do and the organization. They should care about what you think about the other people with whom you work, your co-workers and colleagues. All of these are important factors that influence how engaged you are in the workplace.

#2—Your career in relation to your employment with the company

Your employer should care about how you view your employment with the organization in relation to the rest of your career. Are you only “biding your time” until you can find something better? Do you enjoy your employment so much that you can see yourself retiring at your current employer? Is the reality of the situation somewhere in between?

Your boss or supervisor should know the answers to these questions. That’s because the answers hold the key to whether or not the organization will able to retain you as an employee. And if your boss or supervisor doesn’t really care if you stay . . . then why should you?

And that is at the heart of this blog post and this discussion: whether or not you will stay with your current employer, and if you do stay, how long you stay. And whether or not your employer (i.e., your boss or supervisor) cares about your career and supports your career should definitely play a role in determining if you stay and how long you stay.

So, once again: does your current employer support your career?

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