So many times, a professional in the employment marketplace focuses on trying to find a new job. And there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that. However, that’s ultimately a short-sighted endeavor.

That’s because while they often change jobs, all they’re really doing is changing scenery. They soon discover that they’re experiencing the same problems with their current employer that they experienced with their previous employer.

That’s why instead of just focusing on your next job, you should focus on discovering a career instead. And The Doepker Group can help!

Just as we’re 100% committed to help our clients consistently hire with excellence, we’re also 100% committed to helping you discover your career. And we employ “three Cs” in the pursuit of achieving that goal:

  1. Caring
  2. Commitment
  3. Communication

Below is a breakdown and further explanation of these three areas:


As a professional, you have goals, both short term and long term. We know that you care about your goals, and because of that, we care about them, too. That’s also why we focus on exceeding your expectations and building a caring, professional relationship with you.


Commitment means an investment. Specifically, it means an investment of time, energy, and effort. When you work with The Doepker Group, we invest in YOU. We take the time to learn what you need and what you want, not just in your next job, but more importantly, in your career.


Effective communication is crucial for any successful relationship. Once again, this is why we put an emphasis on it here at The Doepker Group. Through this emphasis and this communication, our professional search executives dedicate themselves to matching individual goals and career objectives with the ideal employer.

Our emphasis on communication involves three main types:

  • Communication with our clients
  • Communication with candidates
  • Communication within the members of The Doepker Group

Effective communication allows us to devote the proper amount of attention to the small details surrounding a job placement. And attention to the small details is sometimes the difference between success and failure. We focus on connecting ALL of what makes you valuable to a potential employer. This includes:

  • Your hard skills
  • Your soft skills
  • Your experience
  • Your capacity for fitting into the company culture
  • Your career goals

Armed with these details and that information, we strive to connect you with the best Information Technology and Engineering jobs available. More importantly, though, we strive to connect you with the top IT and Engineering employers in the marketplace.

Because even though you want a great new job, you also want a great career to go along with it.

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