The title for this newsletter article is rather unusual . . . but it grabbed your attention.

Normally, an article will instruct about how NOT to do something, such as sabotaging your chances of being hired. However, if you’ve been in the recruiting business for any length of time, you’ll witness all sorts of behavior that will undermine a candidate’s efforts to secure an offer of employment.

So, in an attempt to get our point across, doing these three things will absolutely sabotage your chances of being hired:

#1—Applying for the position through more than one channel

Unfortunately, this move reeks more of desperation than it does of ambition or initiative. Yes, companies want a “go-getter,” but they’re also leery of someone who is overbearing and persistent, quite possibly to the point of annoyance if carried that far. Apply once; the next move is theirs. Be confident of your skills and abilities, and that confidence will attract the suitors you seek.

#2—Taking advantage of the employer during the interview trip

On more than one occasion down through the years, candidates have asked the company to pay for unreasonable or inappropriate items while on their trip for the face-to-face interview. (Because of COVID, of course, there are now more virtual interviews, although in-person interviews are still occurring.)

While it’s common practice for companies to often pay for a candidate (and even their spouse) to visit the company for an interview and possible tour of the facilities, that doesn’t mean the company should pay for everything associated with the trip . . . and it certainly doesn’t mean you should expect them to.

#3—Going around the recruiter to contact the company directly

If a recruiter contacts you about an opportunity with one of their clients, that means they have a relationship with that client. If they have a relationship with that client, then the company trusts them to conduct a search on their behalf. If you go around the recruiter without their knowledge and contact the hiring manager—the person who communicates with the recruiter the most—this could be construed as sneaky at best and dishonest at worst. Either way, you’ve sabotaged your chances.

If you’re truly serious about taking advantage of a great opportunity to advance your career, then the last thing you want to do is sabotage your chances. However, if you’re not that serious, then exhibiting any of the above behavior is a great way to do just that.

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