When you work with a recruiting agency, you want to work with one that you trust. That’s because this is your career that we’re talking about. For you to feel comfortable, you must trust that your job search—and your career—are in capable hands.

At The Doepker Group, we have a time-tested process for placing job seekers and candidates with one of our specifically-selected client companies in the Information Technology and Engineering fields. We want to connect the right candidate with the right company . . . every single time.

That’s why we’ve created what we believe to be an efficient and effective process for doing exactly that. There are seven main steps in this process, all of which are designed to ensure that your job search is handled with the utmost care and attention.

Those seven steps are as follows:

#1—Pre-search assessment

This is critical because we need to know the “whole you.” By completing this assessment, we have a better understanding of your needs, and consequently, a better understanding of how we can meet those needs.

#2—The search

The Doepker Group will strive to connect you with the ideal position, one that makes sense in a number of different areas. These areas include location, compensation, advancement potential, company culture, and relocation assistance (when needed).

#3—Video interview

A video interview is often needed before a face-to-face interview. Our professional search executives will help prepare you for this interview to help ensure your success.

#4—Face-to-face interview

This is when you can shine in front of a potential new employer, communicating the value that you can provide and also gathering information of your own so that you can make sound decisions. Once again, our professional search executives will be there to assist.

#5—Reference and background checks

We value and protect our candidates and our clients. That’s why we conduct both reference checks and background checks on all of the candidate that we represent. This is another indication of The Doepker Group’s commitment to excellence.

#6—Offer acceptance

If you’re the best fit for a particular position, The Doepker Group will work to ensure that you receive the best offer package possible. Once you decide to accept that offer, we’ll also help you to make a smooth transition to your new employer.


We want to know that you’re happy in your new position. (After all, that’s why we placed you there.) So you can expect us to reach out to inquire about your acclimation and the progress that you’ve made.

With our seven-step placement process, we leave nothing to chance. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for both our client companies and the IT and Engineering professionals that we place with them.

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