In a previous blog post, we discussed the “three Cs” that The Doepker Group advocates in the pursuit of hiring excellence for its clients. Those “three Cs” are as follows:

  1. Caring
  2. Commitment
  3. Communication

However, how specifically do we provide these “three Cs”? Though which services do they become evident in our dealings with companies and organizations?

There is something else in which The Doepker Group believes, and that’s flexibility. We strive to provide an array of hiring options, so our clients have flexibility in their quest to achieve the optimum workforce situation.

Not all clients are created equal. What works best for one organization does not necessarily work best for another. Consequently, it is not our goal to force a “one size fits all” service level offering onto our clients. Instead, we offer a diverse selection of services and we tailor each of these services to meet the individualized needs of our clients.

Our three main services for employers include the following:


The Doepker Group’s contract placement services are designed for special projects and/or short-term needs. There are numerous benefits associated with hiring candidates on a contract basis, including not having to worry about back office considerations such as taxes and other tedious paperwork. Our clients get the expertise they need—when they need it—and WE take care of everything else.


This often represents “the best of both worlds” in terms of hiring. A company can first hire the candidate on a contract basis to ensure that the candidate is a good fit. Then, if they are, the organization can convert the candidate to a direct employee at the end of the contract. If the candidate is not a good fit, the company can simply allow the contract to expire and do nothing. No fuss, no muss!

#3—Direct placement

This option is the most popular among our clients. However, it also represents the option that requires the most risk and commitment on their part. As a result, we discover exactly what they need for each and every position—from skills to experience to cultural fit. At The Doepker Group, we know how important it is to hire the right person the first time . . . each and every time.

We invite you to connect with our team today and see what The Doepker Group can do for your organization.

We also invite you to click here to find out even more about the many services that we offer to employers.

Do what’s necessary to secure the top talent in the marketplace and move your company forward!

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