During the past several years (ever since The Great Recession ended), employer branding has become increasingly important for organizations in the employment marketplace. However, despite this increasing importance, not all organizations have been paying the same amount of attention to it.

Employer branding involves how your organization is viewed within the marketplace by job seekers and candidates. There are a couple of reasons why employer branding has risen to the forefront:

  1. The economy has been in recovery mode since The Great Recession. In fact, we’re in the midst of the second-longest bull market in this nation’s history. This means that companies have a need to hire.
  2. There is a lack of quality candidates in many industries, including Information Technology and Engineering. As a result, the onus is on employers to woo and recruit candidates, and part of that is making sure that their employer brand is as positive as possible.

In light of these two reasons, what job seekers and candidates think of your organization has become very important. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Well, what does it matter? Not all candidates are top candidates, anyway. We don’t even want to hire most of them. So what’s the big deal?”

The “big deal” is that you never know who somebody knows. And that is exactly why your hiring process is so crucial to employer branding.

Let’s say that a candidate goes through your hiring process. They’re not impressed with your process or your organization. But, as you hypothetically pointed out earlier, they’re not a top candidate and you don’t want to hire them, so what does it matter?

That candidate knows people. They have colleagues. They have friends. One of those colleagues and friends could be a top candidate in the industry. They could be somebody that you would like to hire.

However, what are they going to hear from their colleague about their colleague’s experience with your organization? Most likely, nothing but negative feedback, punctuated by the recommendation to steer clear of you. Ouch.

And let’s not forget social media. There used to be a time when, if a candidate had a bad experience with a company, they were pretty much confined to only telling their friends and colleagues about it. But now? They can broadcast their displeasure all over the world through their various social media channels.

That’s why everybody involved in hiring within your organization should adhere to this rule:

Treat every candidate who is part of the hiring process as a top candidate, regardless of whether or not they actually are a top candidate.

Does this mean “falling all over yourself” at every turn? Does it mean considering candidates for a job for which they’re not qualified? Absolutely not.

It means proactively engaging every candidate in a positive fashion and always striving to put your “best foot forward” to illustrate that your organization is an employer of choice within the marketplace. People aren’t going to believe that you’re an employer of choice just because you tell them that you are. You must also show them that you are.

Employer branding is critical. Basically, it’s your company’s reputation and you should guard and cultivate them both in a similar fashion.

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