When it comes to job seekers and candidates, we at The Doepker Group believe there is a perfect position out there for every candidate we represent.

A single candidate can not be a match for every position that our clients want us to fill. That, of course, is impossible.

However, we want to match every job opening with the candidate that is perfect for that position. And if you, as a candidate, were not selected by an employer for a certain position, then we want to work with you to find that position for which you are a match. We are very much interested and invested in helping you grow your career.

It’s important to note that The Doepker Group never charges professionals anything for the services that we provide to them.

This is not the case for every recruiting firm. Some DO charge job seekers and candidates for their services, but this is an unnecessary and underhanded tactic designed to fleece unsuspecting professionals. If you work with a recruiting firm as a job seeker and they charge you for anything, run in the other direction!

Basically, we at The Doepker Group are looking to achieve a win-win situation for everybody involved whenever we place a professional with one of our clients.

What does that mean, a win-win situation? It means the following:

  • Both the candidate and the employer communicate well during the hiring process and each are engaged during that process.
  • The employer makes a compelling offer of employment to its top candidate at the conclusion of the process, and the candidate accepts the offer, even if there is some back-and-forth negotiation involved.
  • The candidate starts work at the employer, is properly onboarded, and enjoys a smooth transition from their previous work situation.
  • After a period of time has elapsed, the candidate is pleased with their new employment situation, the employer is pleased with the candidate’s work, and both parties are happy.

When both parties are happy—not just in the short term, but also in the long run—that’s a win-win situation. And that’s exactly the type of situation that The Doepker Group strives to achieve every single time.

It does us no good if the employer is happy, but the candidate isn’t, or if the candidate is happy, but the employer isn’t.

Our goal is to make everybody happy.

The Doepker Group has experience placing professionals in the Information Technology and Engineering fields, and we can place you, as well.

We invite you to search through our open positions. You can start the process by creating a profile and submitting your resume.

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