Welcome to the first blog post in our series about the fundamentals of success! During each of the blog posts in this series, we will address one theme critical to the attainment of success.

While each of these themes pertains both to a person’s personal and professional life, it’s the professional side of the equation with which we’re primarily concerned. As we’ve stated previously, considering the state of current affairs in the United States (and in the world), this is a great time to focus on the fundamentals.

And the first part of our series on fundamentals deals with dependability, character, and integrity. The reason that we’re starting here is because if you don’t have these things in order, then the rest of the list doesn’t matter. (Or at the very least, it doesn’t matter as much.)

One important thing to keep in mind during this series of blog posts is personal branding, which has become a key factor in terms of success. How you brand yourself affects the way in which people think of you. Specifically, the experience that you provide to other people affects how they think about you.

That’s why it’s critical for you to brand yourself as somebody who is dependable. And what does that mean? Being dependable means doing or saying what you tell another person (or group of people) you’re going to say or do. In other words, following up and following up without fail.

When you brand yourself as somebody who is dependable and reliable, then what you’re really doing is branding yourself as somebody who is trustworthy. And branding yourself as trustworthy is one of the best ways to brand yourself, if not the very best way. (After all, truly trustworthy people are in short supply.)

A person’s character is one of their most precious commodities. Companies and organizations want to hire people of high character. They want to make these people a member of management. And people who are in positions of management want to surround themselves with other people of high character.

Being trustworthy and being of high character both speak to integrity, which many people consider to be the bedrock of success. When you’re a person of high character who also has a tremendous amount of integrity, then you’re positioned to succeed no matter the situation or the circumstances.

One of the most important things to remember about integrity is that you can never lose it—you can only give it away of your own free will.

So be dependable. Always follow up without fail. And strive to brand yourself as a person with high character and tremendous integrity.

When that happens, success almost has no choice but to follow you.

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