Welcome to the second post in our blog series about the fundamentals of success. In our first post, we addressed the importance of dependability, character, and integrity. Those are, for all intents and purposes, the building blocks of success.

However, even if you are a person of high character and possess a tremendous amount of integrity, it doesn’t mean that success is just going to magically happen.

You still have to do something. You still have to put forth an effort. And more likely than not, you’re still going to have to work tremendously hard.

Hard work and effort constitute the second part of our blog series regarding the fundamentals of success.

It’s at this point that we should discuss the topic of talent. There’s no doubt that talent plays a role in a person’s success. Theoretically, if you’re talented in a certain area, then you should enjoy more success in that area.

However, there are various degrees of success, ranging from a little to what should be the ultimate goal of maximizing one’s potential. While talent can take you so far on the spectrum of success, talent alone will not take you all the way to the full realization of your potential.

So as great as character and integrity are, they will not help you reach your full potential all by themselves. And no matter how talented you are, your talent will not help you reach that potential all by itself, either.

You need hard work and a whole lot of effort to complete the process.

And this is where passion enters the picture, as well. When you have passion for something—in addition to having talent and integrity—then it’s easier for you to put forth the effort needed to experience the highest levels of success.

The reason that passion is so important is that it’s a precursor to desire. Nothing happens without desire. Nothing happens in the world without a person’s desire to make it happen. (Or conversely, their desire to stop it from happening.)

When you have passion for something, it automatically means that you have the desire to do that thing. When you have the desire to do something, then it means you’re willing to put forth the effort and the hard work necessary to achieve your goals.

The bottom line is that you can not achieve extraordinary things in life, both personally and professionally, without putting forth extraordinary effort. And when we say that, we mean putting forth that kind of effort on a consistent basis, not just “every once in a while.”

Because success is not an “every once in a while” thing. It’s an “all the time” thing.

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