Welcome to the next post in our blog series about the fundamentals of success.

In our first post, we addressed the importance of dependability, character, and integrity. In our second post, we examined the integral role of hard work and a tremendous amount of effort. And in our third post, we analyzed the immense contributions of persistence and perseverance.

In this blog post, we’re going to tackle the two-headed threat of a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook. These two dual fundamentals are impactful all by themselves, but when you combine them, you increase their strength and the value they can bring not only to your current employer or a potential new employer, but also to your career.

The first thing to know about having a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook is that one usually precedes the other. First, you have a positive attitude, and then that attitude lends itself more easily to an optimistic outlook.

Second, having a positive attitude is a conscious decision. You must choose to have that kind of attitude. Yes, it is true that some people are just naturally more positive than others. However, when it comes to facing adversity, being positive is a choice and it’s rarely an easy one. Even the most naturally positive person can experience difficulty in the face of true adversity.

Third, having a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook is a form of value, the same as a person’s technical skill set. Sure, it’s a different form of value, but it’s a form of value, nonetheless. In fact, when two people who are both competing for the same job possess approximately the same level of hard skills (or technical skills), it’s often their soft skill set, including their attitude, that helps to break the tie.

Another great thing about a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook is that they ARE set apart from your technical skill set and experience level. Anybody working in any industry anywhere can have a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook. They don’t have to go to college or trade school or anywhere else. This fundamental literally costs nothing to acquire and nothing to keep.

You just have to practice it as much as you possibly can, ideally on a daily basis.

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