Hiring well is not easy. As we’ve stated before, if it was easy, then every company and organization in the employment marketplace would do it. But alas, that is not the case.

One reason is that there are many facets to the hiring process and many components that must be considered. Skills comprise one of those components. And also as we’ve stated previously, there are two main types of skills:

  1. Hard skills
  2. Soft skills

Hard skills are essentially technical skills. They are quantifiable and they can be measured. Soft skills, on the other hand, are “people skills.” They are not quantifiable and they can not be measured easily.

When it comes to hiring, employers must consider both a candidate’s hard skills and their soft skills. But to what degree? And is one set of skills more important than the other in terms of successfully hiring the right candidate for the position?

Here’s the problem that arises: hiring managers and company officials consistently undervalue and underestimate the importance of soft skills. They operate under the assumption that as long as the candidate has all of the hard skills (or technical skills), everything will be just fine.

However, that is a mistaken assumption.

The reality is that problems arise in the world of business, and they arise all the time. And one of the major reasons they arise is people. More to the point, it’s people interacting with other people. Or perhaps even more to the point, it’s people interacting poorly with other people.

And when problems arise that require a people-centered solution, technical skills will only take you so far. A company or organization needs employees who possess the right soft skills to help diffuse and remedy the situation. That’s because all of the following are involved in such a situation:

  • Egos
  • Personalities
  • Different methods of communication
  • Divergent points of view
  • Varying motivating factors

That’s why, as an employer, you must hire for both hard skills and soft skills. If you hire somebody who has 100% of the technical skills for the position, but they possess absolutely no soft skills, then that is a risky hire. All the technical skills in the world don’t mean much if the candidate is not able to interact well with other people.

So don’t buy into the mistaken belief that hard skills are more important than soft skills and don’t make the assumption that you can downplay soft skills during the hiring process. You most certainly can not. Especially if you want to hire consistently well.

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