Believe it or not, there is less of a stigma attached to job hopping these days. One of the reasons is that people are simply changing jobs more frequently. This is especially the case with younger professionals, namely those who are members of the Millennial Generation.

You would think that under these circumstances, people would be more apt to consider new employment opportunities and take the steps necessary to grow their career. Alas, that is not always the case. Even with all of the employment opportunities and options that exist in this current market, there are people who are not taking advantage of them.

This is unfortunate, to say the least. We are currently in the midst of the second-longest bull market in this nation’s history. This means that the bull market is nearing its end, and when it does end, a recession will begin. When that recession begins, there will be far fewer employment opportunities and options available.

This is why professionals should “strike while the iron is hot” in terms of the employment marketplace and their career. However, there are certain things that are holding them back. Below are three of those things:

#1—Loyalty to the status quo

There are some people who simply do not like change. It’s the “devil you know” as opposed to the “devil you don’t.” Even if these people don’t particularly care for their current employment situation, they would rather keep it than take a chance on another one. They like knowing what to expect, and they find comfort in the familiar. However, that is NOT a recipe for career growth.

#2—The illusion of security

When we talk about security within this context—or the illusion therefore—we’re specifically discussing job security. There is no such thing as true job security. A person could lose their job at any time for any reason. It’s impractical for a person to believe that they will have their current job for as long as they want to have it and the only way they can lose it is if they quit. However, that’s exactly what many people believe.

#3—Fear of the unknown

This is the one that really costs people the most. That’s because people make many of their decisions based on fear, even if they don’t realize they’re doing it. Fear is both conscious and subconscious, making it a particularly pesky adversary. When taken to the extreme, fear conjures up worst-case scenarios and paralyzes those who dwell on the possibility of negative outcomes.

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