This is an interesting time to be in the employment marketplace. After all, we’re in the midst of a “Great Resignation,” during which millions of workers are quitting their jobs in pursuit of “greener pastures.”

But what if you haven’t quit? What if you’ve kept your job, but you’ve watched some of your co-workers and colleagues leave? What if the amount of work that needs to be completed has remained the same?

This means you might have been saddled with more responsibilities and deadlines. With that kind of workload, it can be difficult to keep abreast of career opportunities in your chosen field.

And this is where an executive recruiter can help.

A recruiter knows exactly which opportunities are available to those professionals who are in a position to take advantage of them. Job boards such as and CareerBuilder are popular places for people to look for new jobs, but not all of the premium opportunities are available on these sites.

That’s because some companies choose not to use job boards for certain open positions. Instead, they prefer to conduct a low-profile search, for any number of reasons, including the desire to unearth candidates who are more on target with the requirements of the job description.

And recruiters don’t know just about the opportunities that exist in the marketplace. They also know about the companies that are offering them, how those companies operate, the types of individuals that they hire, and the culture that they possess, among other things.

While information such as this can be included in a job description, many times it’s not, and even if it is, it’s often difficult to convey these details in a truly accurate manner. A recruiter who has experience with a company is able to convey and communicate exactly what the job seeker can expect during the interviewing and hiring process.

Why work with a recruiter—beyond the reasons listed above? Simply put, it’s a no-risk proposition. First of all, it won’t cost you a penny. Once you’re hired, the company pays the recruiter’s fee. The fact that a recruiter presented and represented you during the process never affects your starting salary (or any other compensation, for that matter).

But even more than that, there’s also no risk involved in the way in which a recruiter handles your job search. If you’re an employed job seeker, you recognize the importance of making sure that your search is handled in a discreet fashion—and that’s exactly what an executive recruiter can do for you. Any information that you send and anything that you communicate will be kept confidential.

In today’s marketplace, you need every edge you can get in your job search and career. A recruiter can give you that edge and a lot more. They can help advance the scope of your career, and they can do so in a fashion that will provide you with feelings of security that ultimately lead to greater peace of mind . . . and perhaps even the job of your dreams.

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